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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wall #2

Just a quick post today. This is wall #2 of my studio.

Makayla spent the night last night. She had gotten a new game for the Wii from her other grand parents, so we spent our evening playing Littlest Pet Shop. It is very cute, but there is a lot of reading, and being only 5, and still learning her ABC's she needs someone else to "play" with her. Last night, that was me, so I didn't get a project prepared to share today. This morning we have Jazzercise, so very soon, I have to get her up, get breakfast, get her dressed, do her hair, and get ready myself. The same routine I had when my kids were little. Why does it seem so different now? Hmmmm.

Our usual routine after Jazzercise, is to drive through McDonalds and get her a Cinnamon Melt...she loves those. Notice I said "her", I really do only get one for her. I resist temptation, and usually just get a sweet tea. Then, when we get home, she'll play while I get ready to go to work.

That's my day in a nut shell!

Hope you have a Super Day, and I will have a project to share tomorrow.


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Lisa Dorsey said...

Your room is just gorgeous girl!